The Rustic Bed and Breakfast Experience #yourmansbandb

Most people would like to venture off the beaten path of cookie- cutter condos and dull hotel chains for their next vacation, but might be a bit anxious about taking a risk on a little “mom and pop” resort or b and b.  Often when people think “bed and breakfast;” they think doilies, tea-cups, stuffy-awkward breakfasts, and worst of all; shared bathrooms!  This isn’t the case anymore with lots of modern b and b’s.  At Bear Creek Lodge Bed and Breakfast; we make a great effort to be different from all those other traditional b and b’s.  Our property is rustic and natural by nature; with soaring firelaces; trophy mounts, and cozy cabins.  All of our cabins  have private hot tubs, with rustic lodge decor and beautiful views of the Ozarks.  Our breakfasts include home-made muffins, cinnamon rolls, and biscuits and gravy ; served buffet style every morning.  We are the version of a bed and breakfast that your man will actually love!  Our onsite wine cellar has great Missouri wines, cold beer and even pizza.

Remember that nostalgic resort you  visited as a kid? That trip where you piled in the car, (probably without ac; lucky to have had a radio) drove at least 4 hours from suburbia and ended up at that little resort in the mountains for a week of swimming, horse-back riding, glass bottle soda sippin, smore makin adventure?  Well welcome back!!! (hopefully you have ac now)  We’re also that kid friendly family bed and breakfast that rarely exsists!  We love our return families every year, and look forward to the opening of our new pool this spring!!!  There’s a little something for everyone at Bear Creek Bed and Breakfast; cozy romantic seclusion and nostalgic family fun! (definitely no shared bathrooms, doilies or tea cups!!!)


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